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The honor was having all my sisters drive in for the show; pictured here with Mom and myself (l to r, Barb, Ginny, Chris) - Novermber 2014. Will be showing again this coming November 2017 - Muleberry Gallery

Background Info

I have been in creative services, marketing and sales my entire career. I've held the positions of Designer, Art Director, Creative Director, VP of Sales and Development, VP of Interactive Marketing, Director of Marketing, and Principle/Owner at various agencies, manufacturers, and marketing firms, including my own.


While attending Franklin and Marshall College, my first big break came when I connected with the Donnelly Cartographic division, meeting Herwig Schutzler, in downtown Lancaster. Herwig noticed some of my calligraphy samples in my portfolio and said, "I had a hand that could make maps". The next thing I knew, under his watchful eye, my map diagrams and paintings were being published within school books via the Donnelly connection. 


After graduation, I started painting with Lloyd Ken Townsend, a former National Geographic staff artist who set up a studio in Maytown, Pa. Ken was an "old master". He passed his artistic vision, passion and drive, while working on accounts like; National Geographic, Time-Life Books, Reader's Digest and the NPS. During this time, I developed an interest in collecting original illustrations of the other illustrators I was meeting in the lobbies or hallways when handing-in finished projects. I still collect today.


Many illustrators have impacted my life as an artist and collector. My technique, for example, is a combination of my early map training, using paper towels with a scrub, rub and blend (Bounty). There is some brush work, but it is extremely limited. 

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